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There are  25 numeracy titles for adults covering all the main topics at different levels.

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Price    £10 each  +   p&p


Numbers Place value up to billions E1 to L1
Numbers 2 Special types of numbers, negative numbers L1 to GCSE
Arithmetic Basics Basic addition and subtraction E1 & E2
Arithmetic Addition and subtraction E2 to L1
Arithmetic2 Multiplication and division E2 to L1

Fraction Basics Simple fractions and calculations, mixed numbers E2 to L2
Decimal Arithmetic +  -  x  ÷  and  x  ÷ by 10,  100,  &  1000 L1 & L2
Percentage Basics Gentle introduction to a problem topic L1 & L2
Fractions, Decimals & Percentages Main concepts of the three topics E3 to L2
Ratio Dividing into parts, map scale calculations L1 to GCSE

Measurement Basics Length, weight, capacity and temperature E1 to E3
Measurement Distances, unit conversions, scale drawings E3 to L2
Measurement 2 Areas of rectangles & triangles, circles, weight, capacity E3 to L2
Shape Basics 2D and 3D shape properties, symmetry E1 to L1
2D Shapes Properties of 2D shapes, transformations E3 to GCSE
3D Shapes Properties, 3D drawings, nets and volumes L1 to GCSE

Time Basics Telling the time and simple calculations, dates E1 to L2
Time Time calculations, speed and rates E3 to L2
Money Basics Using coins and notes, simple calculations E2 & E3
Money Calculations, word problems and currency conversions E3 to L2

Graphs and Charts Tables, pictograms, line graphs, bar & pie charts E1 to L2
Data Handling Calculating averages, using frequency tables L1 & L2
Probability Experiments, outcomes, sample spaces and trees L1 to GCSE

Algebra 1 Using and simplifying expressions, brackets L2 to GCSE
Algebra 2 Negative numbers, functions, solving equations GCSE

Football Crazy Word problems, written for ages  9  to  13 NC level 4

Pre-entry Level Covers all numeracy topics, available only on disc M6 to M8
    NC level 1

Functional Maths Practical problem solving at Level 1  
Functional Maths Practical problem solving at Level 2  


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