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Pre-Entry Level Numeracy Materials

Over  250 worksheets and activities for students working at milestones  6, 7  and  8 and towards Entry level 1. Available only on disc.

The material is illustrated with adult characters making it suitable for teenagers working at National Curriculum level 1.

Reading and writing numbers  ·  Counting sets of objects
Addition and subtraction using pictures
Shape vocabulary  ·  Money  ·  Comparing sizes
Sorting objects  ·  Patterns  ·  Finding the odd one out
Games, puzzles and resource cards

ISBN 978-1-900699-45-7

Much of the material will print in colour to increase the visual appeal. Most sheets are also available in standard black and white versions. These SKILLSHEETS are designed to be done with the support of a helper to reinforce practical work done by the learners. To complete the worksheets students can write numbers or draw lines or communicate their answers in other ways. These worksheets cannot  be completed on-screen



Number of workstations / concurrent users
Single user 2  to  5 6  to  10 11  to  20
£75 £105 £135 £150

 Plus  £1 postage per disc