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are also available on disc as pdf files that can be opened using Adobe Reader. The discs contain extra features and the most up to date versions of the worksheets. The material can be installed on a network and be made available throughout your organisation depending on the number of user licences purchased.

You can pick just the titles you require or you can have all the worksheets that are at a particular level  e.g. Level 1. The disc is more compact than a set of books and is easier to upgrade when new material becomes available.


These give the material greater visual appeal and increase motivation and retention. To save on printing costs colour is only used where necessary.



Complete the worksheets on-screen

Over two thirds of the NUMERACY worksheets can be completed using a computer. This saves time and printing costs and allows students to practise IT skills at the same time.

Answers have to be checked using the answers page.

Pre-entry level material cannot be completed this way.


All versions of SKILLSHEETS are supplied on a single CD. The pdf file  ( up to  180 Mb ) can be copied onto your hard drive or it can be opened direct from the disc.


Upgrades are always available at a reasonable price to make sure you have the latest versions of the worksheets. To build up a collection of SKILLSHEETS on disc you can add extra titles to those you have already bought or increase the number of user licences.


There are no colour pages in this title and on-screen completion is not available.