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There are  7 literacy titles at Entry level.

The discs include colour versions of the worksheets. There are also word cards and sentence strips that you can print out to use with the worksheets.

Book price    £10 each 

Postage and packaging per order

1 or 2 books  £2,      3 or 4 books  £3

5 to 9 books  £5,      10 or more books  £6



Entry Level One



Letters Letter sounds, upper and lower case letters and the alphabet
Words E1 Word families, cvc words, Dolch words and blends
Sentences E1 Reading and writing sentences, basic grammar and full stops

Entry Level Two





Words E2 Long vowel sounds, blends and vowel phonemes
Sentences E2 Sentences & texts using words from Words E2, connectives
Grammar E2 Word types, syllables, adjectives, proper nouns, punctuation and tenses

Entry Level



Handwriting    E1 Forming letters correctly,  E2 Joining letters in a cursive style

Literacy Discs

Entry Level One

Letters  ·  Words E1  ·  Sentences E1  ·  Handwriting E1

 for a single user

Entry Level Two

Words E2  ·  Sentences E2  ·  Grammar E2  ·  Handwriting E2

£35 for a single user

Postage and packaging  £1 per disc ( both levels come on a single disc )

  Number of workstations / concurrent users
Single user 2  to  5 6  to  10 11  to  20
Entry Level 1 £35 £50 £60 £70
Entry Level 2 £35 £50 £60 £70