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books can be ordered online using Paypal to accept payments by debit or credit card. I prefer to accept payments by 'Pay a Contact' using our mobile phone number. Please ask for details.

To order a disc online please contact SKILLSHEETS to discuss your requirements so that a paypal invoice can be sent to you. If you are ordering from outside the UK please email a list of the titles you wish to buy to SKILLSHEETS. You will then receive a paypal invoice including an extra charge for overseas postage.

Numbers Numbers 2 Arithmetic Basics Arithmetic Arithmetic 2

Fraction Basics Decimal Arithmetic Percentage Basics Fractions, Decimals
and Percentages

Measurement Basics Measurement Measurement 2

Shape Basics 2D Shapes 3D Shapes

Time Basics Time Money Basics Money

Graphs & Charts Data Handling Probability Algebra 1 Algebra 2

Football Crazy Functional Maths  Level 1 Functional Maths  Level 2

Entry Level 1

Letters Words E1 Sentences E1

Entry Level 2

Words E2 Sentences E2 Grammar E2

 Entry Level